Do Cucumber Seeds need Light to Germinate

Often times many people ask: Does it take light for cucumber seeds to germinate and how much light do cucumber seeds need to germinate? Cucumber seeds actually do not require light to germinate. However, cucumber seeds germination requires soil temperatures ranging from 65 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 35 degrees Celsius) to germinate.

Cucumber seeds germinate best when kept at 90°F. Keep the tray out of direct sunlight to avoid drying out the starter plugs. To keep the soil moist, wrap the tray in plastic wrap. Keep the starter plugs moist by filling the tray with water as needed to water them from the bottom.

Cucumber seeds can be planted directly into your garden a week or two after your last frost, once the ground has warmed up to 60°F or higher in the spring. You can test it with a soil thermometer. If you want to start them indoors, do so 4-6 weeks before your area’s average last frost date.

Do Cucumber Seeds need Light to Germinate

Cucumber seeds are sometimes dispersed, for example, when the fruits are ripe, they pop off the end of their stems. They then forcefully eject their mucilage-covered seeds in a stream of explosives. This unusual adaptation may aid in seed dispersal.

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