What Are The Challenges In Growing Breadfruit Tree In California?


The breadfruit tree, also known as Artocarpus altilis, is a tropical tree that is native to the Pacific Islands. It is a member of the mulberry family and is closely related to the jackfruit and the breadnut.

Breadfruit trees are known for their large, starchy, bread-like fruit that is commonly used in Pacific Island cuisine.

While the breadfruit tree is typically found in tropical climates, there are some instances where it has been successfully grown in other parts of the world, including California. However, growing a breadfruit tree in California can be challenging due to the tree’s specific requirements.


One of the biggest challenges of growing a breadfruit tree in California is the climate. Breadfruit trees require a tropical climate, with temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit and high levels of humidity. In California, temperatures can vary greatly depending on the region and the time of year, which can make it difficult to provide the consistent climate that breadfruit trees need to thrive.

To overcome this challenge, it may be necessary to provide supplemental heat and humidity to the tree. This can be done by growing the tree in a greenhouse or by using a heat lamp to provide warmth during the cooler months.

Additionally, misting the tree regularly can help to maintain high levels of humidity, which is essential for the tree’s growth.

Soil Conditions

Another challenge of growing a breadfruit tree in California is finding the right soil conditions. Breadfruit trees require well-draining soil that is rich in nutrients. In California, the soil can vary greatly depending on the region, with some areas having sandy soil and others having clay soil.

In addition to the climate and soil conditions, it is important to select the right variety of breadfruit tree for California’s climate. There are many different varieties of the breadfruit tree, each with its own unique characteristics and requirements. Some varieties may be better suited for California’s climate than others.


When planting a breadfruit tree in California, it is important to select a sunny location that is protected from strong winds. Breadfruit trees require full sun to thrive, and strong winds can damage the tree and its fruit.

In terms of care, breadfruit trees require regular watering and fertilization to promote growth and fruit production. It is important to water the tree deeply and regularly, but not to overwater it, as this can lead to root rot. Fertilizing the tree with a balanced fertilizer can help to provide the nutrients that the tree needs to grow and produce fruit.

In conclusion, while it is possible to grow a breadfruit tree in California, it is not without its challenges. The tree requires a tropical climate, well-draining soil, and specific care and attention.

However, with the right conditions and care, a breadfruit tree can thrive in California and provide a unique and delicious fruit that is not commonly found in the region.

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