Which Watermelon Seeds can you Plant?

A regular watermelon’s black seeds which can be found inside the regular watermelon fruits are the matured watermelon seeds. They’re mature, fertile seeds, so if planted, they’d can grow into watermelon plants.

Nutritionally, watermelon seeds are rich in nutrients such as folate, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, amino acids, and Vitamin B complex. These nutrients are extremely beneficial in both regulating and enhancing the body’s natural metabolism.

In considering the difference between the white watermelon seed and the black watermelon seed, the black seeds are the matured watermelon seeds found inside regular watermelon fruits and can be planted in the ground to sprout a watermelon plant, whereas the white seeds are the immature watermelon seeds that are also found inside the watermelon fruit but they cannot be planted in the ground to sprout a watermelon plant because they are not yet fully matured for planting.

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Watermelon seeds germinate quickly and easily, and seedlings typically do not transplant well, so there is no need to start them in a pot or seed tray. Watermelon seeds should be planted from late spring to early summer, or when the soil temperature reaches 70 degrees or higher for better performance .

The number of vines determines how many watermelons there are per plant when determining the number of watermelons you can get from one (1) watermelon plant, as each vine can produce between two and four watermelons during the growing season. Watermelons grow best in areas with plenty of open space and because watermelon vines ramble, your plants will spread out around your garden as they grow.

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